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Welcome to Eastside Sport & NeuroRehab Specialists

Rehabilitation physicians are nerve, muscle, bone and brain experts who treat injury or illness non-surgically to decrease pain and restore function. Also called physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians or physiatrists, rehabilitation physicians keep people as active as possible for as long as possible. Their broad expertise and training enable them to treat a range of illness and injuries – from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation – throughout a person's lifetime. Making a diagnosis Rehabilitation physicians see patients of all ages experiencing a wide range of medical problems that may make it difficult to function at home, in the workplace, or during recreational activities.

Take control of your health

Successful treatment of these symptoms requires an accurate diagnosis. As specialists, physiatrists use techniques ranging from detailed medical histories and physical exams to imaging studies and nerve conduction studies to diagnose a multitude of medical conditions. Treating the whole person Rehabilitation physicians treat people, not just symptoms. They take the time to understand their patients’ ailments and explain treatments they can do for themselves and with medical specialists. By evaluating the impact of a condition on the whole person – medically, socially, emotionally and vocationally – rehabilitation physicians help their patients understand and take control of their health.

A Team Approach

Meet Dr. Ghaffari

Dr. Sam Ghaffari
Sam Ghaffari, DO, FAAPMR
President, Eastside Sport & NeuroRehab Specialists

Medical Director, Dekalb Medical Inpatient Rehab Center

Regional Medical Director, US Physiatry

Volunteer Clinical Faculty, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Attending Physiatrist, Emory Eastside Medical Center

Ph: 770.674.4888
Fx: 770.674.4887